Simon Williamson: In 2017, put out wisely

Among us walk Trump supporters. Right within our community – if they aren’t supporters, they are perhaps enablers: the Milo Yiannopouloses of our people, who think that all this political claptrap is annoying and merely wish to enjoy their middle- or upper-class comfort without having to worry about all the shit our community, and other groups in America, face. And it is about time they know this is unacceptable. For, come 2017, we shall bang but socialists.

Being white, male, cisgender and having money while living in a big city can help mitigate much of the blowback us and other marginalized groups of people get from the hordes who hate us. These folks have now been boosted by Trump, former (thank god) North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, Senator Ted Cruz, and everyone else who doesn’t care to at least stake a claim against the murder of innocent black people by untouchable police, or treat the perpetual transgender bathroom stupidity for what it is: a pretty blatant plan to vanquish trans people from public life. Trans and gender-non-conforming folks struggle mightily with basic things like housing and staying alive, especially when race is added to the picture, and the lazy sods who live among us and tell us they don’t care do not deserve anything you can mete out to them with what positions itself between your legs, or what you can do with what sits between theirs.

If black lives don’t matter to them, if they don’t thoroughly embrace freedom for trans people, if they refuse to acknowledge that racism plays a massive role in modern-day America, if they back a Muslim ban, or tell you to calm down or change your tone when you are angry at injustice, then do not fuck them in 2017. And oh my god if they don’t agree immediately that the people of Flint, Michigan (57 percent African-American, coincidentally) deserve drinkable water then lock down your skirt.

May they undergo a 2017 limited to self-pleasure, and may all the batteries in their toys go flat, while those of us that care about our community, and believe in a collective effort against the incoming president use our ideal of spreading wealth to spread joy with what we have been given. If we want the billionaires’ excess wealth to be shared, then why should we not share some other resources we have? If you’re good at head, don’t keep it to yourself: redistribute that talent like we should redistribute all the one-percent’s gains since the recession. All the recovery went to the top. Why should the tops not give us our fair share?

If libertarians want to be all in it alone, then make sure that they are. While we can use our philosophies of societal sharing to pass on our goods, let the right-wing remain the individuals they are, with their only groupings being those of five fingers.

If someone says “both sides do it” and they aren’t talking about being versatile, then close up shop and move on with your talents to a more deserving person. If, when you scream “Oh God,” they ask if it is Christian or Muslim, get off them and go and find someone else. If they call something reverse racism, and they aren’t driving backwards into David Duke, then go to another table. If they say people should just work harder, and they don’t mean “werk”, then shut that shit down.

In 2017, may your genitals be pleased by those who believe in the common good, in combinations of resources, and in sharing. May your fancy be tickled by those who believe we can make the world a better place by spreading both wealth AND legs.

People, I urge you, if someone says “I am not political” then no dick for them. Aluta Continua. In 2017, go fuck a socialist.