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Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee: A brute-iful brotherhood

I smirked as I took off my shirt while a houseful of young men yelled at me, tickled by a childhood whim coming to fruition. It would be several months before I was allowed to smile again.“YOU THINK THIS IS...
Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee: ‘Moonlight’ shines through all the shade

It feels like “Moonlight” has broken my heart every other beat for the past few months. I was delirious when I reserved seats for an advance screening, hence my friend and I making it to the ticket-taker at Atl...
Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee: When crises are a Christmas tradition

At the risk of sounding repetitive, my family is in the middle of a new crisis, although this one could not have come along at a better time.My friends and I have a running joke about the gratitude I feel w...