LGBTQ Americans might want to start bracing ourselves for the possibility that our most significant contribution to this young century might not be an athlete coming out, a trans-themed show winning an Emmy or some other glorious milestone that showcases the strength of our movement. The queerest twist in this toxic era of American history might be when a closeted gay (or bisexual) evangelical was blackmailed into endorsing the man who daily proves himself to be a moral and political Antichrist.

It’s no surprise the son of the late Jerry Falwell – the founder of the Moral Majority who blamed the September 11 attacks on “the gays and the lesbians” – grew up to be a pervert. It’s rather shocking how flagrantly Jerry Falwell Jr. has expressed his fondness for male physiques, and financially rewarded the hard-bodied young men who developed a close friendship with him and his wife, Becki.

There’s still a good chance that instead of being part of the LGBTQ family, Falwell Jr. is simply a cuck. What’s becoming highly likely is that the president of Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian pseudo-college, is a man who enjoys other men’s penises – the only question is whether it’s in himself or his wife.

Politico was the first to unearth Falwell Jr.’s skeletons when it reported in August 2017 about his family co-owning a seedy Miami hostel that the online magazine characterized as a dilapidated “cesspool of vice.” In May 2018, Buzzfeed revealed one of the family’s business partners in the hellish hostel was an Italian pool boy who Falwell Jr. and his wife met while they were staying at a luxury hotel in Miami Beach in 2012.

That tanned 21-year-old must have appeared to be the Second Coming of pool cleaners, as the Falwells were inspired to befriend him, bring him along on hiking and skiing excursions via Liberty University’s private jet, and “loan” the young man $1.8 million to invest in the debaucherous hostel in South Beach months after meeting him .

The next scene in the shittiest Christian porn storyline since “Cathy Gets Cruxxxified” came last month when Reuters reported that Falwell Jr. had lubed a real estate transaction for his buff, blond personal trainer. The relationship between Falwell Jr., his wife, and the 23-year-old personal trainer was so cozy that Liberty University wound up “selling” the young man a sprawling sports complex for pennies on the dollar.

In between the revelations of these two sugar-daddy splurges, the Miami Herald reported in June that it had seen three pictures of the First Lady of Liberty University “in various stages of undress.” Earlier this week, Politico published a candid shot of Falwell Jr. on the dance floor of a Miami nightclub looking every bit the desperate circuit daddy.

Knowing how ably he had helped Donald Trump suppress negative information about his sex life, the Falwells had allegedly enlisted Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, to help them squash evidence about possible liaisons. Cohen’s assistance could be unrelated to Falwell Jr. becoming the first prominent evangelical leader to give his blessing to the most morally repugnant candidate in the 2016 presidential race, especially if you’re the type of person who believes a burning bush spoke the word of God.

It was entirely natural for Falwell Jr. to endorse Trump since evangelical Christianity in America has long been a front for the white supremacy the president champions. But it would be grossly unfortunate if this chapter of U.S. history was made darker because a couple of sexual hypocrites were determined to keep their closet door closed.

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