Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: New address, new neighbors, new headache?

Spring is in the air, and as the flowers bloom and the pollen brings a tear to your eye, there’s something else on your mind…moving. That’s because you’re coming out of the winter blues with a need to change your surroundings and you’ve likely heard that spring is a great time to buy a new home.

The decision to change addresses can bring the excitement of changing décor, planting flowers, or replacing outdated garage doors. Something you may fail to consider in your move, however, is what the new neighbors are going to be like. Before you make any offers, here are some cautionary tales of those who found out about their neighbors after the point of no return.

Emergency officials in Germany were called to check out a suspected gas leak. The fire department evacuated an apartment block after being alerted to the smell of gas by a resident. They then searched for the source and traced it to a fridge in the apartment of the woman who had alerted authorities. Ends up it wasn’t plugged in and was full of rotting food. Residents were allowed back into their apartments after half an hour.

Gina Briggs was in her Florida apartment when she heard a gardener outside using a leaf blower to get some grass clippings off the sidewalk. Seems the sound of the leaf blower pushed her too far. So she grabbed her gun, stormed outside and pointed the gun in the gardener’s face, and told him he was making too much noise. The gardener took off running, hid behind his truck, and called the cops. Gina was arrested.

Also in Florida, police got a 911 call from a guy who heard his neighbors attacking each other. A cop arrived on the scene expecting a domestic disturbance. Instead they found the couple having sex on their living room floor. Since they didn’t have air conditioning, they’d left their windows open. No one was arrested but the cop says he suggested they keep the noise down.

A tornado tore through Tennessee and damaged several homes, including a place that belongs to Jerrod Christian. In the process of ripping through his house, the tornado flung a bunch of Jerrod’s stuff onto his lawn, including a bunch of stuff he’d stolen from his neighbors. So when neighbors went over to see if they could help him out, they were shocked to see their stuff on his lawn. They called the cops and Jerrod was arrested.

In Hephzibah, Georgia what started out as an argument between two neighbors quickly escalated into a much larger fight in the middle of the street. At least 20 people were involved in the brawl, including people running out with bats. The fight ended when an 18-year-old got seriously injured.

Just something to think about as you drive around looking for “For Sale” signs. Maybe it’s a good idea to check out who else lives in your new neighborhood before sending out that change of address form.

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