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Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: Learning to embrace birthdays

A proud Pisces, I just celebrated my 48th birthday on the 11th. As a woman who has never been self-conscious about my age, it was a fun time hanging out with friends and spending the actual day with my son. But...
Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: To the Winter Olympics haters

If you are someone who has spent far too much energy these past few days criticizing the Winter Olympics, you can bow out of this article now. That’s because people like you irritate me. Why in the world would ...
Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: The cluelessness of parenting

Parents have no idea what they are doing. I don’t know what I’m doing, my friends don’t know what they’re doing and your parents had no idea what to do with you. Yet, I carry on the age-old tradition of making ...