The Gayly Impact: Georgia’s New LGBTQ Non-Profit

The Gayly Impact is born out of a simple mission: to evolve LGBTQ society through encouraging our community and our families to flourish.

Today, and thanks to many before us, we have gay citizens who are highly functioning, yet LGBTQ society still bears the marks of marginalized people. Our suicide, depression, and anxiety rates outpace those of our straight peers. Concerning STD rates, alcohol, and drug addiction rates, lower salaries, and lower employment rates – the challenges are real.

We are responsible for the society we are shaping, and we at The Gayly Impact believe in shaping our world through intergenerational connections.

Championing our Seniors

Tragically, having survived the difficult storms of the liberation movement, our esteemed seniors find themselves feeling forgotten, despite possessing deep wisdom and experience. These gay elders are essential to our collective identity.

Year by year, The Gayly Impact will improve services for our senior LGBTQ population. Seniors need services they can trust to enter their homes and care for their needs, trusted assisted living, and other services as they age. As their environments shift, elders will benefit from new digital connections leading to conversation, mentorship, and real-life friendship.

Personal Excellence

When cultures, religions, and often families tell us we are wrong, we must struggle to fight that message.

The Gayly Impact teaches financial literacy to improve mental health and inspire the freedom to be our best selves.  Empowerment coaching is also an important tool to encourage self-worth.  We will help individuals discover their personal life mission at The Gayly Impact.

Strengthening Relationships

At The Gayly Impact in-person engagements, we will share our lived experiences to improve our friendships, partnerships, and access to parenthood. No one at The Gayly Impact is an expert – we each have light in us to share and learn from.  We look forward to hosting live events that explore and educate on these topics with one another.

The Gayly Impact will also build a mobile app to share all our services and enable LGBTQ individuals to match with and connect with other LGBTQ coaches and affinity groups in specific areas of interest.

We Need Your Help

We cannot make our vision come to life without your support. Visit us at to learn more and donate. Whether $5, $15 or $150, anything helps!  If you want to donate your time or talents, please reach out.

Dr. Helmut Lucero Love is the founder of The Gayly Dose, an Atlanta-based podcast that elicits dialogue about topics that LGBTQ people face.  Listen and watch at Follow @thegaylydosepod.  He is also the founder of The Gayly Impact.  Follow @thegaylyimpact.