Waiting Your Turn

I’ll admit that I have a slight ounce of road rage. Ok, more like a heaping ton of it! I think it’s hard for many of us to admit that we’re ragers behind the wheel. Many consider themselves “defensive drivers,” while others simply don’t know how in the hell to drive. Since moving to Atlanta, I’ve realized two things: this city has some of the worst drivers, and I’m apparently mad as hell about it!

It happens weekly, sometimes even daily when I’m on the connector that links Monroe and Piedmont Road with 85/75 right before the two interstates merge. The lane that I take to get onto the interstate is always congested with people waiting their turns. But you have a select few that love to speed and try to slip in between cars. I’m the one that usually tails the car in front of me to prevent some impatient drivers from dangerously slipping into the crowded line of cars. But still, it always ends up happening and leaves me with a raging attitude!

To be more specific, on the way home from the gym the other day I encountered a big, black SUV with a limousine license plate. My history with these vehicles hasn’t been good. They pull out in front of you without any warning, cut you off without any hesitation, and don’t give a shit if they’re hit in the process. This specific driver was looking to merge into the lane I was in so he’d make the next turn. Without a blinker on, he began merging into my lane while being directly beside me. He began inching closer and closer to my car as I laid on my horn with my window down yelling. He didn’t stop merging and almost sideswiped me before I sped up and passed him. He merged in after me.

Some might say, “Why don’t you just let him in and be a kind driver?” My response is after you’ve encountered careless drivers willing to put you and your property at risk, you just don’t put up with that shit anymore!

I’ll take the title of road rager but only because I know that I can’t be bullied on the roadways of the ATL. I think more drivers need to be defensive in how they drive because if we all become careless like those impatient drivers that can’t wait for their turns, there’s going to be even more gridlock on our roadways.