Conservative writer and talking-head Ann Coulter responded to being dropped from media outlet World Net Daily’s “Taking Back America Conference” in comments on Fox News this weekend.

Coulter, one of several high-profile conservatives who voiced some kind of support for LGBT issues or LGBT organizations in recent weeks, is scheduled to speak at Homocon, a conservative conference sponsored by GOProud, a national gay Republican group.

“I’m sorry, I did not prepare for this discussion. I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Coulter said initially.

Ann Coulter disses World Net Daily on Fox’s ‘Red Eye’

After a little prodding, she went on to say that she was never actually booked to speak at the World Net Daily event but private e-mails between her and Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily, regarding the engagement were published.

Coulter claimed Farah was drumming up controversy for hits to his website.

“This is not a Christian thing, so don’t blame the Christians. These are fake Christians trying to get publicity,” she said.

Those are pretty strong words from one conservative to another.

View the segment below:

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