East Cobb Middle School scrubs Tanya Ditty from website (sort of)

Her words drew the ire of gay rights activists and their supporters this week. Ditty was featured on LGBT blogs and news websites and even appeared on the Huffington Post website.

Someone, or a bunch of someones, must have taken some direct action by calling, writing and complaining to East Cobb Middle School, which has scrubbed (almost entirely) Ms. Ditty from its website.

Ditty had been listed as a “Technology Training/Integration Specialist” with the school under its faculty/staff section. I find it ironic that someone with such backward views of society and gay folks teaches something as forward thinking as technology.

But, as of today, Ms. Ditty no longer appears on the school’s faculty page.

“That’s a decision that would have been made at the school level,” Jay Dillon of the Cobb County School District, the state’s second largest school district, said on why Ms. Ditty was removed from the faculty directory.

Her voicemail line is still listed on a PDF document on the school’s website, however. For the record, the extension is 261.

Dillon, when pressed for more information on Ditty and her job with the school, said that district officials were “vaguely familiar” with the controversy and directed further questions to Concerned Women for America. Ms. Ditty has “respectfully declined” my request for an interview. I can’t imagine why.

Ms. Ditty’s email address with Concerned Women for America is listed as director@georgia.cwfa.org. Her work email address was, and presumably still is, tanya.ditty@cobbk12.org. You can also reach her by dialing 770-578-2740 and using the above extension (261).

So, keep up the good work, gang. Keep letting her know, and the school district know, that anti-gay bigotry in our state’s classrooms will not be tolerated.

Respectfully, of course.

Top photo: Concerned Women for America Georgia Leader Tanya Ditty with GOP presidential hopeful former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Minn.) (via Facebook)