Election day in America

Presidential race: ‘It’s our equality, stupid’

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

Campaign strategist James Carville’s tagline for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential race has been a political catchphrase ever since.

“It’s about the empathy, stupid.”

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From Congress to marriage equality, much at stake on Election Day

Congressional candidates

From the chance to elect the nation’s first openly gay U.S. senator to the nation’s first state referendum to pro-actively legalize same-sex marriage, Nov. 6 could prove historic for LGBT equality.

Here are 10 key contests to watch around the country on Election Day.

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Gay candidates seek seats in Ga. General Assembly

Georgia Equality


Five openly gay candidates seek seats in the Georgia General Assembly in the Nov. 6 election, including three lesbian incumbents and two gay men challenging GOP state lawmakers. Two other known gay candidates are also on the ballot in Georgia, running for state Public Service Commission and Floyd County Commission.

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