Elizabeth Warren joins ‘It Gets Better’ project

Here’s a snippet of an opinion piece Warren authored back in December for the Blue Mass Group blog:

As other states grapple with whether to support marriage equality, I’m ready to move to the next step: End the two-tiered system created by the Defense of Marriage Act. Our federal government should not be in the business of selecting which married couples it supports and which it treats with contempt. States define marriage among couples, and, once married, all those couples and their families should have the same protections, the same benefits, and the same tax treatments. Fairness and equality are foundational values in our country, and nowhere is that more important than in our families.

This is our moment in history. From marriage equality to investing in public education, from sensible financial regulations to environmental protections, we must decide what kind of people we are and what kind of nation we are going to build. All across the Commonwealth and the country, people want to create a better future for their children and their grandchildren. They want an America in which every kid has the opportunity to succeed.

Warren goes on to support employment non-discrimination and says more needs to be done to address LGBT youth bullying.

It seems fitting that Warren would release her own video for the “It Gets Better” project, a viral movement meant to combat youth bullying.

If she wins a seat in the U.S. Senate, the LGBT community will have a powerful ally with Warren.

Top photo: Elizabeth Warren, a Democractic candidate for a Mass. Senate seat (via YouTube)