Fox News analyst: GOP needs to drop social issues

O’Reilly quickly pointed out that most Republicans are unwavering in their opinions on social issues like marriage and abortion. “The traditional core of the Republican party opposes you on almost every social issue,” he said.

Hoover responded by pointing out that a majority of Americans do, in fact, support a woman’s right to abortion as well as support the legal recognition for married same-sex couples.

“People like you who try to divide our party on social issues, that is not the way forward for the Republican Party,” Hoover said.

Check out the entire segment below:

As welcoming as it is to have another young Republican coming out in favor of marriage rights (which our president has yet to do), Hoover, Megan McCain and others like them are in for a tough battle. O’Reilly is right, the GOP, especially in places like Georgia, may never support full LGBT equality.


Top photo: Fox News analyst Margaret Hoover (via Fox News)