The Marietta Daily Journal interviewed outspoken (and some would say bat-shit crazy) State Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta), who makes no secret of his distaste for his gay constituents.

In the current session, Franklin has brought forth legislation that would do away with drivers’ licenses, HB 7, and a bill requiring the state make financial transactions in gold or silver coinage, HB 3 … yeah, seriously.

Even in the age of political correctness, Franklin bucks the trend by periodically offering (or supporting) anti-gay legislation in the General Assembly. Luckily, his attempts to redefine Georgia's obscenity laws to outlaw gay pornography have been miserable failures under the Gold Dome.

Ga. legislator says gays are like drug dealers

Still, Franklin also strongly opposes the recent repeal of the military’s anti-gay “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. He told MDJ’s Jon Gillooly:

“The Bible says it’s a capital offense,” Franklin said of homosexuality. “You want someone with unrepentant criminal behavior? And it’s not just that, neither should adulterers, neither should thieves, neither should a lot of things. The church is full of sinners, but we’re told in 1st Corinthians it rattled off the homosexual, the adulterer, the thief, the liar, and such were some of you, but you’ve been washed, you’ve been justified and so forth. It’s not what you were. You’re not punishing a thought. But do you want an unrepentant drug dealer in the military? Same thing.”

According to his official biography, Franklin “has been called ‘the conscience of the Republican Caucus’ because he believes that civil government should return to its biblically and constitutionally defined role.”

Given his claim that the Bible makes homosexuality a “capital offense,” I guess that means he’d like to stone the gays?

Top photo: Ga. State Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-43) (via