Gay Ga. soldiers marry at West Point chapel

From the story:

Daniel, 28, graduated from West Point in 2007; Larry, 27, two years later. He served for a year before receiving a medical discharge. The two started dating after they met in Seattle last December, when Daniel, who had been deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, was on rest leave.
They were engaged months later, one night in bed, when an “abstract” discussion of marriage became a down-on-one-knee proposal. “I just laid in bed with a big dumb smile staring at the ceiling imagining all of the wonderful things a life with Danny is sure to bring,” Larry wrote on his blog, where he chronicled their wedding preparations.

And this:

It has not been a perfect ride. Both men attended West Point before being openly gay was an option. On his blog, Larry discusses some of the challenges the couple faced when they announced their engagement — among them, a lack of support from some family members.

But generally, when they announced their engagement, Larry and Daniel felt encouraged by their community.

“It’s funny,” Larry said. “I think just because the sort of negative stories are the ones that seem to be reported the most — especially when we were in Georgia, we anticipated running into more of that. And that was a lesson that we learned throughout the process: just to give more people the benefit of the doubt.”