Former anti-gay politician found dead in late March in apparent murder-suicide

Georgia Senate honors Nancy Schaefer

The Georgia state Senate has introduced a resolution honoring former Senator Nancy Schaefer. Lead sponsors for Senate Resolution 1462 are Jim Butterworth, John Douglas, David Shafer, Judson Hill and Jeff Mullis.

Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide on March 26.

Often called Georgia’s Anita Bryant, Schaefer was a strong anti-gay advocate and the president and founder of Family Concerns, Inc. The resolution cites her work with the organization.

WHEREAS, a native of Rabun County, Georgia, Senator Schaefer was the president and founder of Family Concerns, Inc., a Georgia nonprofit organization she created in 1986 to strengthen and protect families through local, state, national, and international policy and through the education of citizens and leaders on the vital importance of obeying God’s moral law;

The resolution goes on to state:

WHEREAS, Senator Schaefer was the proud mother of five remarkable children and grandmother to 13 wonderful grandchildren; and

WHEREAS, she gave inspiration to many through her high ideals, morals, and deep concern for her fellow citizens, and the devotion, patience, and understanding she demonstrated to her family and friends were admired by others; and

WHEREAS, she was a person of magnanimous strengths with an unimpeachable reputation for integrity, intelligence, fairness, and kindness and, by the example she made of her life, she made this world a better place in which to live; and

WHEREAS, a compassionate and generous woman, Senator Schaefer will long be remembered for her love of family and friendship, and this loyal mother, grandmother, and friend will be missed by all who had the great fortune of knowing her.

Well, she may have been considered compassionate by many of her friends in the state Senate. But Schaefer was no friend to the gay community and her harmful language and actions toward the LGBT community will remain a part of her legacy, regardless of what a resolution proclaims. We will remember just like state Rep. Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates) the harm she caused.

Unfortunately, this is a “privilege resolution” and these types of resolutions are typically are passed with ease.

For the full resolution, click here.