Get your LGBT on at Atlanta presidential debate watch parties

• The Democratic Party of Georgia’s LGBT Caucus and Atlanta Stonewall Democrats  are co-sponsoring a watch party at Amsterdam starting at 8 p.m. Amsterdam is located at 502-A Amsterdam Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306.

• Obama for America and LGBT Caucus Supporters are holding a watch party at ground zero for Democrats in Atlanta — Manuel’s Tavern  at 602 N. Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta. No reserved seating and this place typically is packed for political events such as this, so get there early.

Wednesday’s debate takes place in Denver with the topic of “Domestic Policy.” The moderator will be Jim Lehrer, the host of “NewsHour” on PBS.

With domestic policy, and a liberal from PBS moderating (ha!), there is a good chance some kind of gay issue will be discussed, such as DOMA and the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Drinking games are in order for any serious voter. What are some ideas for Wednesday’s debate? You can find some drinking games at this link.