Gingrich campaign courts Georgia’s gay voters

One of the great things about running network ads is that every so often, something completely unexpected will appear in one of the ad slots, like a Newt Gingrich campaign ad.

One of the networks we use, Google’s AdSense, has a great system to find websites that host articles to fit an advertiser’s needs. In this case, the Gingrich campaign probably plugged in a series of keywords ahead of the state’s upcoming GOP primary – “Atlanta,” “Georgia,” “News,” “Newspaper,” “Politics,” “Election” and “Primary” were likely chosen as placement terms.

Since we write about politics, and we’re from Atlanta, Georgia, it would make sense that our website was one of the available selections for the Gingrich campaign.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen anti-gay candidates turning to Google to distribute their ads which end up on our website. Karen Handel, a former Georgia gubenatorial candidate (and recently ousted Susan G. Komen employee), ran one of the most anti-gay state-wide campaigns in recent memory. But, that didn’t stop her from finding a way to get her campaign ads on our website.

We thought about pulling the ads, but honestly, why not take as much money from Gingrich as possible before his campaign finds out about the mistake and blacklists our site? Skimming a few pennies from Newt Gingrich is worth the embarrassment his campaign will suffer when they find out they’re advertising on the state’s only gay newspaper’s website.

Top photo: Imagine our surprise when we noticed Newt Gingrich campaign ads running on our website