South Carolina Senator takes heat from local Tea Party for rumored sexual identity

Greenville Tea Partiers call out Lindsey Graham

As a former South Carolinian, I’ve heard rumors of Lindsey Graham’s sexual identity for more than a decade. It seems like the local Tea Party has heard those rumors as well, and used them over the weekend as a rallying cry during the organization’s event in Greenville to rail against the Senator’s willingness to reach across the party isle.

Despite the fact the Graham has publicly commented on his non-gayness, the debate will rage as long as the South Carolina Senator remains a bachelor. Still, the speaker seems to think he’s holding something back from his constituents.

“I need to figure out why you’re trying to sell out your own countrymen and I need to make sure that you being gay isn’t it.”

I was a bit surprised that no one was spouting anti-gay rhetoric like this at the event in Atlanta on Thursday. Either Georgia’s Tea Party is more tolerant, or they just have better manners than to express those views in public. See my video Q&A with attendees here.

f/t Wonkette