Huntsman, more moderate on gay rights, drops out of GOP presidential race

Huntsman may have been the most LGBT-friendly candidate left in the GOP field before today’s announcement. He supports civil unions for same-sex couples and refused to sign the National Organization for Marriage’s anti-gay marriage pledge, one of only two GOP candidates to make such a refusal. The other was Paul.

Supporters and some in the media have speculated that Huntsman could be named a possible vice presidential candidate by Romney.

Huntsman’s concession left room for a possible VP nod. “I will never stop fighting for America, and I will continue to put her welfare first, ahead of any partisan or special interest,” he said.

“To our many supporters and volunteers, I offer my heartfelt thanks,” Huntsman added. “Mary Kaye and I are equally humbled and amazed at the outpouring of support we’ve received from friends and complete strangers.”


Top photo: Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman drops out of 2012 race (via Facebook)