Is Mitt Romney anti-gay or just a pandering politico?

Santorum was the target of gay rights activists and their glitter bombs. His likeness has been used as the basis for many a meme (mostly about how he’s a douchebag) and we can’t forget the “frothy mix” definition now associated with his name.

Santorum didn’t shy away from his social beliefs on the campaign trail. In fact, he embraced them — which might be why he’s no longer in the race.

But if Santorum was the anti-gay face of the primary process, does that mean Mitt Romney is any better?

Take these words from a 2007 speech into consideration:

“Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman,” Romney said during his time as Massachusetts governor. “I will support an amendment to the Massachusetts constitution to make that expressly clear.”

“Of course, basic civil rights and appropriate benefits should be available to people in non-traditional relationships,” Romney continued. “But marriage is a special institution and our constitution and laws should reflect that.”

Romney has been saying much of the same in the last few years. His recent positions on marriage equality, gays in the military, and employment discrimination protections are well documented since he broke onto the national stage in the 2008 general election.

But, despite the above comments, my verdict on Romney is simple.

He’s not anti-gay. He’s not a bigot. He’s simply a professional politician who will say whatever it takes to get elected. And in some ways, that’s even worse than if he were spewing heartfelt hatred. At least Rick Santorum actually believed what he said was the truth, even if it was wildly misguided.

Check out this video (which you may have already seen) for proof of Romney’s political sleaze:

Simply put, Romney is without conviction. He’s a man hungry for power and will say whatever it takes to best position himself to get it, even if that means throwing gays and lesbians, his past supporters or his country under the bus.

Some people might call him an opportunist, but I think I’ll call him a sleazeball.


Top photo: Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney (via Facebook)