‘It Gets Better’ founder recognizes straight allies


We are LGBT people who want to thank the straight people who helped us win marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington state, and who helped us defeat an anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota.

If you’re a queer person whose straight friends worked hard to win marriage equality—worked phone banks, knocked on doors, spoke out, gave money—send us a photo and a couple of sentences about what your straight friends did. Click on SUBMIT, upload a photo, and thank your straight friends publicly!

If you’re a straight person who worked for marriage equality… THANK YOU!

In the last several years, Savage has become a central figure in the ongoing fight for equality. The “It Gets Better” campaign was created in the wake of a series of suicides by youth who were bullied for their sexuality. Savage and eventually hundreds of celebrities, public figures and even politicians joined in offering their words of encouragement to at-risk youth.


Top photo: Dan Savage (right) at the Dinner Table Debate with National Organization for Marriage head Brian Brown (left) (via YouTube)