Sadie Fields says she actually liked Allen Thornell, the gay activist who headed up Georgia Equality in 2004 — back when Fields and her cronies were lobbying hard to ban gay marriage, and Thornell and the rest of us were trying to stop them.

Memo to anti-gay activist Sadie Fields: We’re just not buying it

WABE’s Denis O’Hare talked to Fields after she recently announced her decision to step down from the Georgia Christian Alliance, the group she formed after leaving the Georgia Christian Coalition.

Of course, it was already illegal for same-sex couples to marry in Georgia in 2004.

Still, a mere law banning gay marriage wasn’t enough for Fields, who helped lead the fight to have it enshrined in the state constitution. And if she could have gotten the ban carved into the floors of the State Capitol, I’m sure she would have.

But surely Fields realized that marriages between men and women, even among the most ardent supporters of such marriages, don’t always end that well, do they, ahem, i.e. Nancy Schaefer?

Fields laughed with O’Hare about the photo Creative Loafing published of her in dominatrix gear as she recalled how she thought it was funny and offered to autograph it for people.

O’Hare said he told Thornell about her amused reaction to the photo.

“He laughed, kind of winked at me and said, ‘I hate it when they have a sense of humor,’” O’Hare said in the interview.

Fields went on to say there was a mutual respect between the two as they worked on their causes they deeply believed in. Why, she even shook Thornell’s hand a time or two.

Fields also talked to O’Hare about her lesbian daughter, Tess Fields, and the “private relationship” they had. Of course, Fields can’t say the word “lesbian” and tells O’Hare her daughter lives an “alternative lifestyle” and her daughter’s “alternative lifestyle” had nothing to do with her trying to limit the rights of other people.


“I love my daughter, we had a private relationship. It was fodder for the press. It had nothing to do with my feelings for my daughter. And I took the hits for it,” Fields said.

Fields happens to leave out the fact her daughter wrote a scathing column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution decrying her mother’s efforts to ban marriage equality.
She criticized her mother’s “bigotry” and “abject hostility toward gay and lesbian people.”

At the time, Fields said she had a “strained relationship” that was “deeply painful to her.”

“Sadie Fields said her daughter’s sexuality and their strained relationship is deeply painful for her. The Christian Coalition leader, who also has two sons, said that she loves her daughter and prays for her daily.

“I would give my life for her, but I can’t affirm her in her choices,” she said.

Sadie Fields said she would continue to support the constitutional amendment  “The amendment issue is larger than just one relationship,” Sadie Fields said. “It’s not just about me and my daughter. It’s about the future of this country.”

Buy a clue, Sadie. You and your ilk are wrong. You are hateful. You are bigots. And I don’t care how nice you try to sound on the radio, I know who you really are. A sad, pathetic woman who doesn’t love her own daughter, even if you claim to, because she is different than you. How very Christian of you.