Michelle Nunn puts hat in ring for Ga. Senate seat, says she favors gay marriage

— On gay marriage: Nunn said she agreed with the U.S. Supreme Court decision that left the definition of marriage to the individual states. “I also believe that marriage is not only a legal construct, but a sacrament, and every religious institution has to be able to define it for themselves,” she said.

But on a personal level, Nunn said she favors marriage equality.

Her father, who during his term as senator led the fight to implement the anti-gay “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, changed his position on the matter in recent years and supported its repeal. He served as a U.S. Senator from 1972-1997.

Karen Handel, one of several GOP candidates seeking to replace Chambliss in the Senate, came out swinging with news that Michelle Nunn was in the race, calling her “President (Barack) Obama’s liberal, handpicked candidate” and saying Nunn would be “another vote for Harry Reid’s liberal agenda.”

Handel, at one time supportive of LGBT issues when the gay voting bloc favored her running for the Fulton County Commission years ago, now continually dumps on LGBT people and their issues as she continues to seek higher office.

Handel even has a link on her website called “Donate to defeat Nunn” and is going after Nunn heavy and hard via Twitter already.