CNN and Opinion Research Corporation released the results of a recent poll today that found a slim majority of Americans now support same-sex marriage.

According to the results, 51 percent of Americans now believe that same-sex marriages should be recognized as valid and those in such marriages should receive the same rights as married heterosexual couples; 47 percent opposed recognizing same-sex unions as valid.

The margin of error was 3.5 percentage points.

The poll found that women and those under 50 years of age were more generally accepting of marriage equality. Democrats and Independents were nearly twice as likely to support same-sex marriage than self-identified Republicans.

New CNN poll finds slim majority support same-sex marriage

Previous polling conducted by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation found that a majority of Americans opposed legalizing same-sex unions.

A similar poll recently conducted by CBS and the Washington Post also found that a majority of Americans support recognition of same-sex marriages.

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h/t Politico