Overwhelming majority over Americans support ‘traditional marriage’?

While other national polls in recent years have found a growing acceptance of same-sex marriage, “the polling company, inc.” has released two surveys this year alone that suggest that Americans’ attitudes are not changing.

“Had marriage been put to a national vote, the evidence suggests that our side would have captured 55 percent of the popular vote this past Tuesday,” Brown added. “The GOP ticket captured 48.4 percent of the popular vote nationwide. Marriage outperformed the GOP ticket by an average of 6.6 points. The facts show that it is wrong to contend that preserving marriage as the union of a man and a woman is anything but a winning issue in America.”

The validity of the results are difficult to verify, however. Information on how — and where — the poll was conducted is conveniently absent from its summary. Aside from general numbers, not much else was published.

“the polling company, inc.” was founded in 1995 by Republican strategist and former Newt Gingrich campaign advisor Kellyanne Conway. That might explain a thing or two.

Other recent polls, like this one and this one, not conducted by organizations not tied to conservative causes, have found opposite results.

So while Brian Brown and NOM celebrate this self-created “victory,” we should keep our eyes out for surveys not skewed by conservative ideology.


Top photo: A rainbow flag (via flickr.com/photos/-marlith-) used under Creative Commons 2.0