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‘DADT’ Impact: Letter from Lynne Kennedy

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network

With the Pentagon’s family survey now in the field, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), a national, legal services and policy organization dedicated to ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT), will release a letter each day this week from family members and spouses of former service members impacted by DADT. As the Pentagon reaches out to 150,000 straight couples on how their lives are impacted, these letters will share the perspective of those forced to serve under this law alongside their loved ones. SLDN is urging supporters of repeal to call, write, and schedule in-district meetings with both their senators as the defense budget, which contains the repeal amendment, moves to the floor just weeks from now. www.sldn.org/action.

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High-profile conservatives coming around on gay rights?

Ann Coulter is scheduled to speak at 'Homocon' in September

Several high profile conservatives have spoken out on gay marriage over the last week. Television host Glenn Beck, conservative author and speaker Ann Coulter and “The View” co-host Elizabeth Hassleback have all made headlines this week for their support of gay people or gay issues.

Coulter, a conservative writer and television personality, was blasted by the website World Net Daily (WND) because of plans to speak to GOProud, a gay Republican group, at their “Homocon” event in September.

WND also canceled Coulter’s planned keynote address at its “Taking America Back National Conference” taking place next month.

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Religion blog: To tell and kiss?

I once imagined writing a queer dating guide that fused identity, politics, common courtesy, ethics, spirituality and sexuality. But back on planet Earth, I fear that just by bringing those lenses to such a project, it would bomb. Certainly, a friend or two would point out that by that very description I manage to squeeze fun out of dating. I would retort that there's no fun in dating. And then I would sadly shake my head and agree this might not be my best project. Perhaps, I could pen a dating guide that was for people who are too intense.

Navigating dating is often a labyrinth of unexpressed expectations, conscious and unconscious fantasies and biases, complicated neuroses, hidden rules mixed with some pheremonal chemistry and then add specific LGBTQQI issues into the mix! And all of that starts with you, so imagine what happens when another person is involved!

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NOM goes to Washington

The National Organization for Marriage hosted a rally in Washington, D.C., yesterday as part of the “Summer for Marriage Tour 2010.”

The stop in Washington was the group’s final location on its 23-city tour. NOM made a stop in Atlanta on Aug. 7.

The Washington Blade was on-hand to cover the D.C. rally and interviewed  Brian Brown, NOM’s executive director. Brown stressed the group’s mission was to maintain the “core definition” of a union between a man and a woman.

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[Video] NOM rally and counter-protest

National Organization for Marriage's Brian Brown spoke to a small crowd of anti-gay marriage supporters in Atlanta on August 7th, 2010. Brown compared the fight to keep same-sex marriages outlawed to the anti-slavery movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s fight for civil rights. Videos after the jump.