Petition asks Ga. governor to honor day against ‘homophobia’

The new petition criticizes Deal and asks him to reissue a more accurate proclamation.

“By issuing the proclamation as ‘Mistreatment Awareness Day’ instead of the requested, ‘International Day Against Homophobia,’ the Governor’s Office has done a great disservice to the very purpose of IDAHO events and the worldwide organizers who seek to advocate against homophobia,” the petition says.

“Furthermore, by sanitizing the word ‘homophobia,’ Governor Deal’s office has quite literally engaged in it, by refusing to address the specific concerns of Georgia’s LGBTQ citizens,” it continues.

In addition to not changing the name of the event to avoid actually saying something supportive of fairness for LGBT people, the petition asks Deal’s office to “mail the official proclamation in an appropriate certificate envelope, to ensure it does not arrive a second time folded and tattered, signifying diminished value by the Governor’s office,” and to list the proclamation on the governor’s website.

Given Deal’s record on gay issues, starting with his campaign for governor, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath, but you can sign the petition here.