Prop 8 heading to U.S. Supreme Court?

AFER said that if the court hears the case, a ruling could be issued in June 2013. If the Supreme Court declines to hear the challenge, marriage rights would be restored in California as early as October of this year.

Adam D. Umhoefer, executive director of AFER, called today’s move by the proponents of the marriage ban a “last gasp of a dying argument” while encouraging donations to fight fund the challenge.

“Make no mistake: today’s action by the anti-marriage forces is the last gasp of a dying argument that cannot overcome our Constitution’s guarantee of liberty and equality for all. For thousands of gay and lesbian couples—and every American who believes in equality—the day marriage equality is restored in California cannot come soon enough,” Umhoefer said today.

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Top photo: Attorney Ted Olson (Publicity photo)