Queer Justice League meets with Chambliss staff over anti-gay comment left on blog

Chambliss was in Washington, D.C., during the meeting, according to a staff member.

In the letter, the QJL asks for a public apology and for the senator’s staff to undergo sensitivity training.

“The point of this letter is not to address the merits of diversity, but rather the problems created when diversity is not respected,” the letter stated.

“As Georgians, we are demanding that you issue a formal and public apology in response to the behavior of your staff member.

“While we respect that each individual is entitled to choose their own values and morals, these right do not extend to abusive or threatening attacks on another.”

According to the QJL, the Atlanta office only houses 10 of Chambliss’ staffers. The senator has between 45 and 50 total staff members working in several offices, including his Washington, D.C., office.

“The indication we got was that they’re very close to determining who did it,” Paul Schappaugh said following the meeting. “As an IT professional, I know it doesn’t take this long to find out who did it. They track everything coming in and going out.”

When asked what would happen if the senator failed to issue an apology or put his staff through sensitivity training, QJL member Bekah Ward added, “We’ll keep the pressure on.”

“We’ll be here every Friday,” attendee Shannon Hames jokingly added.

QJL members said that the coming Atlanta Pride festival would be the perfect opportunity for Chambliss to address the controversy.


Top photo: Members of Atlanta’s Queer Justice League pose for a photo after a meeting with staff members from Sen. Saxby Chambliss over a malicious comment posted on gay-blog Joe.My.God. (by Ryan Watkins)