Not to be outdone by his competitors, Nathan Deal, a republican candidate for Georgia governor, decided to put out his own campaign commercial degrading Karen Handel for her past stated support of domestic partner benefits and adoption rights for gay couples.

Republican commercials get nasty

The commercial, entitled “How can we trust Karen Handel on anything?” appeared on YouTube and began airing on television here in Atlanta Tuesday.

The spot follows a similar commercial released by John Oxendine earlier this week that also calls out Handel for her past support of gay rights, including her involvement with the Log Cabin Republicans. Both commercials use gay rights and support as points of attack.

The Republican candidates for governor are attacking Handel with a vengeance after she received the endorsement of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin Monday.

They’re hitting her hard on fiscal responsibility, abortion, support for domestic partnerships and gay adoptions. Of course, all this is pointless because Handel now denies any support for gay rights, DP benefits included.