Attendees have mixed messages on social issues

Tea Party protesters sound off on gay marriage

I took a trip downtown yesterday to film some highlights from the Tea Party rally that was going on at the Georgia Capitol. I walked around and asked attendees for their opinions on gay marriage. Surprisingly, most everyone I asked said the Tea Party had no official stands on social issues, including gay rights. The politicians, however, were more than willing to speak their minds about how marriages should be between a man and a woman.

The event was calm compared to some of the coverage surrounding the recent health care protests in Washington. None of the signs were overly offensive, and none of the attendees were shouting any racist or homophobic slurs, as has been alleged at some other rallies.

The only questionable discussion I overheard was between Matthew Watson, an aide for Mike Crane, a candidate for Georgia Congress District 13, and event organizers. Watson mentioned that the Crane campaign had paid for the right to have their supporters stand in front of the Fox News cameras during Neil Cavuto’s broadcast.

Check out the video below: