These queer youth of color are on FYRE — and seek aid to have their voices heard

“FYRE, or Fierce Youth Reclaiming and Empowering, is one of SPARK’s core programs. FYRE is designed for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and questioning youth of color (LGBTQQ) (18-24 years old) and our allies interested in reproductive justice. Participants receive political education, media justice, and grassroots organizing training to conduct community based research and produce youth-centered resource guides,” states the program’s page.

“Since 2010, our camps have produced three timely short films on sexual health, bullying, and coming out as well as a photography exhibition which explored intimacy, art, and activism through self-portraits and partner portraits. Our films and photographs have premiered at local events in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as received national recognition cultivating opportunities for SPARK to share our work at the 2011 Allied Media Conference and the 2011 Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom Conference,” states the page.

“This political moment requires queer youth of color voices in our media more than ever,” says SPARK Executive Director Malika Redmond in a YouTube video explaining the importance of FYRE.

“From right wing legislators working to undermine the promise of Affordable Care Act to the recent  landmark decision by the Supreme Court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act while undercutting key provision to the Voting Rights Act, queer youth of color living in the South are both disproportionately affected by today’s present issues at the same time their voices are missing from the debate,” Redmond adds.

In 2012, SPARK sponsored the first conference of its kind, the “Ignite Queer and Trans Youth of Color Convening” in Atlanta, that attracted more than 150 young people from some seven Southern states and mostly from rural areas.

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