Too far? Gay activist ‘glitter bombs’ Minnesota protesters

“They feel betrayed that a corporation that makes billions marketing cereal and other products to children and their parents would take the position that marriage should be redefined,” Parrish added.

A video of the glitter bombing, filmed by members of Minnesota for Marriage, claims that the activist threw glitter on children and elderly protesters.

The “glitter bomb” was popularized by Minnesota activist Robert Erickson and has been used to target nearly all of the GOP’s presidential candidates during the party’s early primary contests. From Marcus and Michele Bachmann to Newt Gingrich and even presumed nominee Mitt Romney, the “glitter bomb” has become a trademark of radical queer activism.

Some activists, however, believe that “glitter bombs” send the wrong message and compromises the progress of the gay rights movement.

Check out the video and judge for yourself:

What do you think? Are children and elderly protesters for anti-gay causes fair game for “glitter bombers”?


Top photo: A young gay rights activist outside of a Minnesota protest is drawing fire for targeting children and elderly protesters with a “glitter bomb” (via YouTube)