[Video] Mitt Romney finally gets ‘glitter bombed’

Yesterday’s protest was the first time the GOP front-runner was “glitter bombed.”

“I just glitter bombed Mitt Romney and yelled ‘feel the rainbow, the 1% pays for hate, you’re not welcome in our state!’” Erickson posted on the social networking site Facebook shortly after yesterday’s protest action.

Romney, not quite as anti-gay, at least vocally, as Bachmann or Santorum, initially tried to play off the confrontation by telling the crowd he was covered in confetti to celebrate his Tuesday win in Florida.

“This is confetti! We just won Florida!,” Romney said.

But, after a second confrontation at the end of his speech, the look on Romney’s face said it all — he was furious.

Some LGBT rights supporters are afraid that “glitter bombing” politicians sends the wrong message to the public, that activists are too willing to confront political candidates. Some might even use the word “assault.”

Others say the action is necessary because political positions standing in the way of full equality should be highlighted and the candidates who hold them exposed.

The sad truth is that no matter how many times Michele Bachmann is at the bottom of a showering of glitter, her positions are very unlikely to soften.

What do you think, are “glitter bombs” good or bad for the LGBT rights movement?

Top photo: Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney scowls after getting “glitter bombed” at a campaign event in Minnesota (via YouTube)