Video of Tanya Ditty’s anti-gay testimony goes viral

Ultimately, Ditty embarrassed herself and the entire state of Georgia yesterday with her ass-backward testimony comparing gays and lesbians to pedophiles, necrophiliacs and zoophiliacs (among others).

Ms. Ditty, citing a “14 to 15 page research paper which is heavily documented,” lists a half dozen or so sexual fetishes, which she labeled as “sexual orientations,” and claimed that if state employment protections were enacted for LGBT persons, all kinds of sexual deviants would come out of hiding, roam the streets and rape our children in the classroom.

An interview request with Ditty was “respectfully declined” earlier today, but she was kind enough to send me a link to the “study” she presented yesterday as part of her testimony. So, I read it. As you can imagine, it’s complete and arrant bullshit.

My favorite subsection reads:

Few businessmen realize that when they allow the addition of “sexual orientation” to their nondiscrimination codes, they are tying their own hands when it comes to objecting to:

  • A man in a highly visible sales job coming to work in a dress and high heels;
  • A woman in a highly visible position coming to work in men’s clothes;
  • A person of indeterminate sex who insists on using either the men’s room or the women’s room;
  • A person of either sex who indulges a taste for extreme sexual promiscuity and pornography during working hours despite being charged with representing the company’s tone and character;
  • A man who frequents prostitutes while on business trips and claims that it is none of the company’s business, regardless of the company’s public image.

I wonder how giving employment protections to state LGBT workers would legally protect someone to watch a porno in an elementary school classroom or molest a goat on a school bus?

Ditty actually believes that not being able to fire someone simply because they’re gay, lesbian or transgender would also mean that our public school teachers can bone kids and bus drivers can have sex with goats during the afternoon route. I really wish I was making this up.

The study hits on several topics ranging from how homosexuality is a threat to freedom to the woes placed on society when marriages break down.

There’s already been a call for an apology from Ms. Ditty. But we’ll never get one. She’s too far gone.

The good news is that Ms. Ditty’s bigoted testimony is literally preserved for the world to see for all eternity. Five, 10, 20 years from now, anyone will be able to go back and watch her testimony and laugh at the absurdity of her statement.

The comments on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are pouring in. The New Civil Rights Movement, Joe.My.God and other websites have picked up our video.

“And she’s a teacher,” posted YouTube commenter bobbyboi77. “With all her talk about protecting children, something tells me she wouldn’t lift a finger to help a gay student who was being bullied.”
 “Employment protections for gay and lesbian people is not akin to protections for people who have sex with the dead. This woman lost all of her credibility the second she started making that argument,” SpeedyBruin added on YouTube.

Long after the dust has settled and full equality has been achieved, her hateful words will still remain, forever.