Creative Loafing today has a short post that says a lot. It's about Tony Byrd, pastor of Zebulon Baptist Church in Toccoa, who goes off on all kinds of our country's heinous transgressions, which, of course, includes gay marriage. The sermon was made before the Georgia House on Feb. 23.

"….The acceptance of gay marriage seems to be gaining unprecedented momentum!" he notes while talking about America's continuing fall into debauchery with all that pornography and smoking marijuana and abortions and such going on.

And, as CL points out, the cameraman pans several times on a bunch of bored lawmakers not being scared straight with the fire-and-brimstone sermon.

But, you know, having the words "the acceptance of gay marriage seems to gaining unprecedented momentum" can also be read as quite good news indeed. Thanks for noticing, preacher guy.

[Video] Pastor at Gold Dome is pissed off about lots of things — yes, including gay marriage

Read more and watch the rant (the good stuff starts at about seven-minutes in).