[Video] Rest assured, Michele Bachmann, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

But what was she saying between the lines? “Soulvigilante” posted a “leaked video” yesterday to YouTube that takes a look into Bachmann’s soul and what she was perhaps really thinking as she spoke into the camera. This video also comes with a fun disclaimer:

Minnesota’s most famous fag hag is officially in full-on Lonesome Rhodes mode. The four-term Congresswoman and alleged succubus lost touch with reality shortly after winning the Iowa Straw Poll in December 2011, and now lives in an alternate dimension where her deluded evangelical bigotry and affinity for McCarthy-esque blind accusations has garnered mass approval. In this leaked video, Bachmann gives her farewell speech to an empty room filled with imaginary followers and non-existent toadies. Unfortunately, Marcus was not on hand to rein her in; he was last seen working the glory holes at Sexworld in downtown Minneapolis.

DISCLAIMER: This video is protected under Section 107, Fair Use Policy of the U.S. Copyright Law (Parody, Criticism)

Now, sit back and enjoy. And bless her heart.

h/t Joe. My. God.