It's time to make your own YouTube for LGBT equality and submit what you see as a march for a more perfect union to equality through the o the White House's "LGBT Pride Month Champions of Change Video Challenge."

Videos are being accepted now — they can be music videos, PSAs, interviews — whatever your creativity inspires and will be accepted until May 4. Finalists will be selected in early June and the public will have a chance to vote on which video best represents the work for equality.

White House issues LGBT ‘Champions of Change’ video challenge

There are certain rules, of course.

From the White House press release:

Each video should fit one or more of the following categories, some of which may be used to organize semi-finalists and finalists:
    •    Storytelling (stories of coming out or overcoming adversity)
    •    Culture & Identity (interesting intersections with race, national origin, religion, and disability)
    •    Unsung Heroes (individuals and organizations that haven’t been recognized for their contributions)
    •    The Arts (music, art, photography, poetry, and prose that inspire courage and acceptance)
    •    Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (individuals and organizations that are testing new approaches and demonstrating results)
    •    Community Solutions (local initiatives that are solving local challenges)
    •    Friends & Allies (family members, teachers, faith leaders, and other allies in the fight for equality)

Also, essays no longer than 750 words will also be accepted if someone has no access to make a video.

The Champions of Courage campaign by the White House recognizes people making accomplishments in certain areas, such as immigration, education and clean energy. In June 2010, longtime Atlanta transgender activist Dee Dee Chamblee was recognized for her work in the LGBT community.