“I think during Pride it’s really important to be able to affirm people’s commitment in a forward thinking, positive way. To be able to do so in a way where other people are around is very important, especially for people who live together outside of Atlanta where they may not have access to all the resources that we enjoy here,” Lesser says.

The format is a mixture of traditional and contemporary services create specifically for the commitment ceremony.

“I think we came up with a very meaningful ceremony in the time frame that we were giving and it’s going to be very similar to last year,” Lesser says.

There is a registration fee for the ceremony, but no dress code. Those who register in advance also get a certificate with their names.

“It’s great for people to bring rings or something to exchange, but otherwise it’s fine. Some people get really dressed up, but other people have been hanging out in the park all day and they come as they are and that’s okay, too,” Lesser says. “And if I was them I would bring a camera and a friend to take pictures.”

Commitment Ceremony
Saturday, Oct. 9, 6:30 p.m.
Piedmont Park Pavilion
$25 in advance, $35 onsite

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