“It’s for our members or anyone in the 13 to 24 age range that we serve. For those who are bringing their parents with them, the parents are welcome as well,” McPhaul says.

According to the Atlanta Pride website, the activities will include “yoga, step aerobics, and tai chi demonstrations by Kaiser professionals.”

“Plus, don’t miss our healthy cooking demonstrations full of great food to keep you going. Participants are invited to wear their favorite garden party hats,” the website says.
Organizers hope to bring attention to the free clinic YouthPride started this summer.

“Our members know, but a lot of people that we serve don’t know that we offer a completely free medical clinic that offers a lot of different services,” McPhaul says.

Staffed by volunteer medical professionals, the clinic expands upon the free HIV testing YouthPride has offered for years.

“Where other organizations have been focused just on HIV, we’re focused on the overall health in general. … The more physically healthy you are the more emotionally healthy you are,” McPhaul says.

YouthPride ‘Rejuvenation: Fun in the Garden’
Saturday, Oct. 9
1-4 p.m. at the Dock (near 12th Street gate)
Health events in partnership with Kaiser Permanente

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