A coach for the Atlanta Rainbow Trout, the city's gay-friendly swim team, is hoping her backstroke is flawless in the coming days as she competes for a spot on the USA Swimming team and a chance to compete in the Olympics in London.

Heidi Hatteberg, who is straight, is making her second attempt at a spot on the USA swim team during swimming trials being held through July 2 in Omaha, Nebraska. Hatteberg is a Georgia Tech alum and the newest coach for the Atlanta Rainbow Trout, according to a press release from the Trout.

Atlanta swim coach goes for the gold

Today Hatteberg is competing in the 100 meter backstroke and will compete Saturday in her favorite event, the 200 meter backstroke. There are 200 swimmers competing for two spots on the Olympic team.

Hatteberg attempted in 2008 to make the team when she was just 17. She said she has matured much since then.

“In 2008, I was immature, both mentally and physically. I was just excited to be there and wanted to have a good time,” she said in a prepared statement. “Everything is different this time. I have a lot more experience.I’ve put on a lot of muscle through college training and have matured a lot more mentally.”

Hatteberg has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering but loves to spend time in the pool coaching members of the Rainbow Trout team.

“The Rainbow Trout make me laugh every practice. They have been so open to my style of coaching and that makes coaching them so enjoyable,” she said.

Earlier this month, The Atlanta Rainbow Trout water polo team won its first silver medal at the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) Championships in Iceland. The previous best finish for the team was a bronze medal in 2007 and 2008.