The Braves are holding their annual LGBT Night on June 22 at SunTrust Park. What started as a handful of thankful community members has grown into a plentiful party of like-minded individuals who love to knock back a few while turning up for a good cause. Your $39 ticket package includes a pre-game party at the Coca Cola Roxxy, an ATL Braves hat in Pride colors, a $3 donation to Lost-N-Found Youth, and a Home Run Porch game ticket, with access to the Xfinity Rooftop.
Atlanta resident Ben Nicoara feels it’s important to attend in person. 
“That’s the first step in getting people to understand and not be afraid about things they might not know,” he tells Georgia Voice. “While we’ve made some big advancements and fight for our rights, I think there’s still a lot to do, especially now after our change in our national government and some of the attitudes around that have not been great for us.”
He says, of previous years, when the Pride theme was announced over the loudspeaker, the stadium filled with cheers.
“I didn’t hear anybody boo about it,” he tells us. “That just goes to show there’s more accepting sports fans than those that aren’t.”
Don’t be one of the numerous Facebook folks asking where they can buy the hat once the festivities are over. Trust us — there are tons on there. Instead, glove up, get out there, and show your support.

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