Rebecca Ranson

Rebecca Hargett Ranson, 1943-2017

The following is an obituary written by the family of Rebecca Ranson. Rebecca Hargett Ranson, playwright, activist and arts leader, passed on to the next life on Sept. 4, 2017, at the age of 73, following a ...

‘The Penis Talk Show’ dropping trou at 7 Stages

Over the last few decades, openly gay playwright, actor and director Ronnie Larsen has carved out a niche for himself with his gay-themed, often sexually frank shows. Just as his production of “Happy Endings” c...

Melissa Carter: Mainstream churches are big bullies

Have you ever thought of Sunday morning sermons that demonize the gay community as bullying? I had not until the other night. When I think of bullies, the image of kids at school often comes to mind: the ove...
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World premiere ‘Angry Fags’ asks: Is anyone really afraid of gay guys?

Angry Fags

Topher Payne doesn’t seem like an angry fag. But then, at first glance, neither do Bennett Riggs and Cooper Harlow, the main characters of Payne’s new play, “Angry Fags,” opening Feb. 21 at 7 Stages Theatre.

They picnic in the park. They banter about cheese and wine. They tease each other about everything from letter writing to dating with the loving sarcasm gay men seem to have perfected.

Then they set off a bomb.