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How to avoid common kitchen nightmares

Kitchen nightmares

I often tell people, “If you can read, you can cook.” This is assuming they actually want to cook — and believe me, some people just don’t care to bother. Others want to and can’t seem to get it right.

A brief question-and-answer period reveals they’ve made a few very common mistakes made by all beginning cooks.

Start small

No one starts at the top. Walk before you run — try a simple roasted chicken before you try to tackle a Turducken.

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Atlanta lesbian involved in boating accident, missing

Fox 5 Atlanta reported late yesterday that Atlanta-resident Laura Zekoll went missing Saturday evening during a sailing trip after the boat she was on hit a reef in waters near the Bahamas.

According to Fox 5, Zekoll is a 46-year-old Atlanta resident.

The report states that the accident occurred near Avaco Island, which is part of the Bahamas. Four crew members boarded a lifeboat after the boat capsized, but the life raft was unable to support all four and each fell into the water. According to the article, three of the four made it to land and were eventually rescued.