Melanie Thompson: So, what’s in the HIV pipeline?

Did you know that people with HIV can live a normal—or even longer—lifespan if they get on treatment early and take it consistently? This awesome news is made possible by potent drugs that suppress HIV to low l...
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AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta settles into new home

Founded in 1988, the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta is one of Atlanta’s oldest continuously operating HIV/AIDS service organizations.

The agency learned in mid-September it would be forced from its home on Ponce de Leon Avenue after its building was purchased by a real estate developer who planned to build new residential properties.

The move to ARCA’s new location at 440 Ralph McGill Blvd. has been challenging, Dr. Melanie Thompson, ARCA executive director, told GA Voice.

“We were given about eight weeks, but it took us a long time to find a place where we wanted to live, given all the different constraints,” Thompson said. “We had been in our old place 22 years. You can imagine how much stuff accumulates over 22 years.”