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Help the AV 200 celebrate success

The AIDS Vaccine 200, the annual HIV fundraising bike ride, holds a closing party to present checks to Emory Vaccine Center, Jerusalem House and Positive Impact

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Ga. now second in nation for AIDS drug wait list

A gay Atlanta man says he finds himself in a “perfect storm” of a broken economy, a broken health care system and being HIV positive.

At 50, he is unemployed, struggling to make his mortgage payments and keep his COBRA payments current.

“I just can no longer afford my HIV meds simply because of the massive co-pays,” he said, asking to remain anonymous as he continues to search for a job. “However, since I do actually have insurance, and since I do still own my home, I don’t qualify for any sort of benefits or support.”

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GA Spotlight: Someone Cares, Inc.

Someone Cares Inc. of Atlanta is an HIV/AIDS organization that includes a specific mission of helping and advocating for transgender people. Known as R.E.A.L./T (Reaching, Educating, Assisting and Liberating Transgender), the program, just one aspect of Someone Cares, works to provide education, employment opportunities and also HIV/AIDS education and prevention to transgender individuals.

The organization, located in Marietta, helps transgender people find affordable housing and offers physical and mental health services to those who need it.

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What makes a man?

AID Atlanta hosts a discussion forum tonight on masculinity in the gay community

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AID Atlanta hosts happy hour at FROGS Cantina

Atlanta HIV / AIDS outreach organization AID Atlanta hosts a happy hour today at FROGS Cantina from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Midtown Promenade shopping center.

The meeting is open to everyone, but is focused on Caucasian gay and bisexual men.

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Outspoken: Eagle apology and Atlanta’s HIV rate

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Should Mayor Reed apologize on behalf of the city for the Eagle raid?
Re: “Mayor Kasim Reed, Atlanta Eagle attorney have testy exchange at LGBT town hall forum” (, July 23)

I have to side with the mayor a bit on this one... even if the parties to the current suit were to all agree in writing that they would drop the suit for an apology, that would not bind the others from the Eagle raid from suing and using the mayor’s words of apology to prove guilt and get a huge legal win against the city. How responsible is it to the “gayest city in America” to subject the city to a multi-million payout to one person in order to save a few thousand earlier. That would hurt us all as well. (Not to mention the rates the city pays for legal insurance could skyrocket based on such moves being made by the mayor.) Is the goodwill worth the risk? Reed is putting the good of the city above his chances of re-election.

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Tenofovir found safe among gay, bisexual men in new study

A Phase II study of 400 gay and bisexual HIV-negative men who took tenofovir daily through pill form showed no serious safety concerns and could be a resource in the future for the prevention of the spread of the virus, according to researchers.

The study, funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, was presented at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, on July 23. The study was conducted by the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta, the San Francisco Department of Public Health and Fenway Community Health in Boston.

Tenofovir is an oral drug, also known by its brand name Viread. It is used alone or in combination with other antiviral drugs to treat HIV. Tenofovir is not a cure nor is it known for sure if it will prevent the spread of HIV to other people, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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Georgia now second in nation for those on ADAP waiting list for HIV meds

On July 1, Georgia instituted a waiting list for its AIDS Drug Assistance Program, a program that helps low-income people get their needed medication to stay alive. During July, 240 people were added to the ADAP waiting list, making Georgia now the state with the second largest waiting list in the country, according to the National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors.