Jason Carter comes out in support of marriage equality

The AJC’s Political Insider spoke to Jason Carter’s spokesperson about his stance on marriage equality after noting the GA Voice’s editorial on Tuesday saying it was time for him to state his public position on...
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AJC looks back at those on front lines of Ga. same-sex marriage fight


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a good story that was posted late Tuesday night titled "As Supreme Court weighs same-sex marriage, Georgians in 2004 battle look forward."

What we learned from the story:

• Jeff Graham, now executive director of Georgia Equality, said in 2004 Georgia LGBT activists didn't take the right approach when taking their message to voters.

"We didn’t begin to change people’s minds (with) the big politics; it’s about the simple message of wanting to take care of the person you love,” he said. “Once we stopped being afraid to talk about that fact … that’s when the public attitudes about this started to change.”

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AJC sports writer speaks out on Braves’ Roger McDowell anti-gay incident

Atlanta Journal-Constitution sportswriter Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz, sports writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has covered the Atlanta Braves — and all other Atlanta sports teams — for years.

When news broke that Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell was accused of using anti-gay slurs against San Francisco Giants fans on April 23 at the San Francisco ballpark, Schultz wrote that the coach should be suspended at least 30 days.

“He needs to be hit with a suspension, and hit hard. The absolute minimum: 30 games without pay, a significant fine and court-mandated Saying Stupid Things Rehab. If even half what has been alleged is true, most of us would be fired,” Schultz wrote.

When McDowell was suspended by Major League Baseball for two weeks, Schultz said McDowell should consider himself "lucky."

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The personal is political for this gay boy and Chick-fil-A

My parents never pressured me into getting a job when I was in high school, but at 16, I found asking my mom for money more difficult than ever.

I needed a job to escape a truly horrific fashion moment.

I had just given myself a bit of a makeover, tossing aside my gigantic Jnco jeans and Doc Martin stack boots for more conservative Gap boot cuts and Abercrombie & Fitch golf shirts. It was all so expensive, but terribly necessary considering I'd spent the majority of my high school experience wearing glitter on my eyes, somehow pretending to be a glam rocker.

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Atlanta Eagle officers racked up large bar bills hours before raid

Atlanta police officers involved in the Atlanta Eagle raid spent a great deal of money on shots of liquor before the actual raid began, according to a news report.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that officer Bennie Bridges, the lead investigator of the raid and who was working undercover, spent $50 of APD funds on drinks on Sept. 10, 2009, the night of the raid. The AJC also states that Bridges spent another $60 on drinks on May 29, 2009, while working undercover into allegations of illicit sex and drug use taking place at the Midtown gay bar.

Another officer the night of the raid, Jared Watkins, also working undercover, spent $60 on drinks the night of the raid.

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GLAAD responds to criticism over Atlanta Journal-Constitution media award nomination

A Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation spokesperson responded tonight to my criticism of their selection of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the nominees for the gay media watchdog group's annual Media Awards in the “Outstanding Newspaper Overall Coverage” category.

Also nominated were the Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and the Salt Lake Tribune.

Rich Ferraro, GLAAD's Director of Communications, sent our Dyana Bagby the following e-mail late tonight: