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Augusta grad student goes before federal appeals court over anti-gay beliefs

An Augusta State University counseling student is appearing before the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today asking not to be expelled from the school because she believes homosexuality is a sin, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Jennifer Keeton, who is studying to be a school counselor for students in grades K-12, filed a lawsuit against the university on July 21, 2010, in the United States District Court Southern Division in Augusta, claiming that the school threatened to expel her because of her Christian belief that being gay or transgender is immoral.

Keeton is represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to defending "traditional family values." In her lawsuit, Keeton claimed her First Amendment rights were violated by the university because it stated her biblical opposition to homosexuality — that she would state in class and to other students — went against the professional code for being an ethical counselor.

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Advocacy groups face off over Gwinnett schools filtering LGBT websites

Alliance Defense Fund

The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian organization with the mission of defending “traditional family values,” is taking on the ACLU in its battle to mandate the Gwinnett County School System remove LGBT filters from its computers.

On Aug. 1, the ADF sent a letter via email to Gwinnett Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks urging him and the school system to not allow the ACLU to “bully” the system with its request.

“School districts shouldn’t be bullied into exposing students to sexually explicit materials,” said ADF Senior Counsel David Cortman in a statement. “This latest scare tactic — under the façade of illegal censorship — is just another act of intimidation designed to forward the ACLU’s radical sexual agenda for children.”

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Alliance Defense Fund to Gwinnett schools: Don’t be bullied by ACLU’s ‘radical sexual agenda’

The Alliance Defense Fund is taking on the ACLU in its fight to get Gwinnett County schools and other schools across the country from filtering LGBT websites to students.

While the ACLU argues that filtering LGBT websites prohibits students attending schools in the Atlanta suburb from such websites as the “It Gets Better Project,” the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition, Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), GSA Network, and the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the ADF protests that lifting the filter would allow students easy access to pornographic websites.

Opening the filtering program would "allow sites such as, where a woman's naked torso is fondled by three hands;, which advertises a see-through boxer for men; and, where students would see an image of two naked men apparently engaged in a sex act," the ADF wrote in a letter to Gwinnett Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks and emailed to him on Aug. 1, states a report from the conservative online news site World Net Daily.

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Gay-marriage haters release their own poll and results do not surprise

Alliance Defense Fund poll finds Americans do not support same-sex marriage

A new Alliance Defense Fund-backed poll released today found that an overwhelming majority (some 62 percent) of Americans believe that marriage should be defined as one man and one woman. According to Public Opinion Strategies, which conducted the survey, 52 percent of Americans surveyed “strongly agreed.”

The results of the poll are in stark contrast to three recent surveys conducted by non-partisan groups and media outlets. Gallup, CNN/Opinion Research Corporation and CBS/Washington Post polls, all conducted in 2011, found a growing majority of Americans support legal recognition for same-sex couples.

Public Opinion Strategies has an impressive client list. Most of its clients, however, are Republican politicians.

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Ga. congressional candidate touts ties to anti-gay legal fund

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, who represents Georgia's Fifth Congressional District, can fairly be described as a civil rights icon. A veteran of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, Lewis is now an outspoken advocate for the rights of others, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

Perhaps that's why Fenn Little, the Republican who hopes to unseat the longterm Democratic congressman on Nov. 2, takes pains on his campaign website to also describe himself as a "civil rights attorney."

Unfortunately, it seems Little and Lewis wouldn't exactly agree on what that means.

Little's campaign tagline is "Faith. Freedoms. Fiscal Responsibility," and he cites his religious beliefs among the issues underlying his campaign.

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Ku Klux Klan to rally in favor of anti-gay Christian student who sued Augusta State University

The Ku Klux Klan will be at Augusta State College later this month showing support of a counseling student who sued the university for forcing her to undergo a “remediation” program due to her anti-gay stances, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

The Chronicle reported today that Bobby Spurlock, “who identified himself as the imperial wizard knighthawk and grand dragon of South Carolina and North Carolina” said the KKK is protesting the university’s decision that Jennifer Keeton undergo a remediation program to learn more about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people after she told professors and students she believed homosexuality to be immoral.