5 LGBT things you need to know today, April 21

1. “The key question about this book is how on earth such a distorted and ahistorical and polemical attack on the architects of the marriage equality movement can have been written.” Andrew Sullivan, Dan Savage...
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Newsweek tags Obama as America’s ‘first gay president’

Barack Obama on Newsweek

Former President Bill Clinton was jokingly called the “first black president” by author Toni Morrison. Maybe it was because he was “cool” in a way that former presidents never were or maybe it was because he advocated policies that were meant to help disenfranchised African-American voters.

Newsweek magazine, in the spirit of Ms. Morrison, has heralded President Barack Obama has the country's “first gay president” on this week's cover after the president announced last week his "evolution" on same-sex marriage rights.

In case you were hiding under a rock, Obama now supports marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. The president made the announcement last week in an interview with ABC News.