World AIDS Day events scheduled throughout Georgia

World AIDS Day takes place Friday, Dec. 1, but there is a series events taking place throughout the week and weekend and across the state to mark the day. Sunday, Nov. 26 Rev. Dr. James Brewer-Calvert, Re...
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Ga. LGBTQ Archives Project to preserve personal histories

Whether you have diaries, letters, books or political posters that offer a glimpse into Georgia’s LGBT history, archivists want you to know it’s all important and there are places to donate.

On May 19, numerous archivists and LGBT history advocates will get together at the Phillip Rush Center to discuss ways to let the public know that these items are important, and the donor doesn’t need to be famous.

“I think a lot of people think history is what famous people did,” said Hillery Rink, a member of the Georgia LGBTQ Archives Project. “But primary sources are the historians. People ask, ‘Why would someone be interested in my story?’ But it’s everyday people living their lives, particularly in the South, where we learn our history.”